Kristina Key received her BFA in studio art at Appalachian State University. Her fascination with the possibilities in drawing instantly led to a strong passion for printmaking. Within the realm of printmaking, Key has found the most satisfaction with copper etchings and relief carving. She is currently a printmaking graduate student at the University of Tennessee Knoxville.

Artist Statement:

I have recently started working with representational imagery after working non-objectively for three years. My current goal has been to find an interesting balance between representational elements and non-objective abstraction. Creating spaces and spaces within spaces, playing with dimension, perspective, and ambiguity. Much of my imagery has been starting from biological diagrams that I use to create a fuzzy moment—not quite a narrative, not the full story, but a dream someone might have told you about years ago. These fuzzy situations were created to either furrow or raise the eyebrows of their viewers.

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